New Technology Opens Up Personal Color Analysis to Everyone

Do you always wear colors that suit you? Each individual has their own mix of natural color tones and only the right ones compliment them truly. Your eyes, your hair and the natural tone of your skin play a major role in determining which shades will look best on you. However, this is not just another “6 Reasons To Have Your Colours Done” article. It’s about a new disruptive service that opens up Personal Color Analysis to everyone. Getting your colors done should not be an expensive or painful experience. You shouldn’t need to send photos around or take a day off for seeing your color analyst!

An innovative solution to your problem is It is an interesting new technology that instantly finds your best palette of colors at no cost and is kind of fun to use, at the same time.

How does it work? follows a famous Twelve Season Color Theory which is commonly used by professional image consultants and fashion stylists. Being based on the all time classic Carole Jackson’s book ‘Color Me Beautiful’, the system is a bit old, but it still works and is on point!

Since 1980s Color Analysis has helped millions of people to discover their most flattering colors to wear. It’s been one of the coolest topics on many fashion blogs. Color analysis tests went widely successful in attracting fashion-minded readers. The chances are that you’ve also color analyzed yourself on one of such services.   It’s quite helpful, however, the main problem is that self analysis relies on your ability to match your skin, hair and eye shades with samples on a computer screen, a task which is very tricky  to do right. We are especially bad in matching our skin shades. Anyone who has tried identifying their natural skin undertone knows this pain.

The fact is evident, computers are better than humans in matching colors. This is where comes into play.  It makes an objective conclusion about your natural coloring to come up with the most appropriate color scheme.

The process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to chose one clear selfie and select the most prominent colors of your hair, eyes, and skin. Using this as the base, conjures up a magnificent palette of colors, which will look best on you. You can save the palette in Pinterest or you can install the app to carry the entire palette wherever you like.

Why is different? is a result of collaboration between data scientists and professional color analysts. Cutting edge algorithms used for face and speech recognition have been used in the process and it turned out to be extremely accurate in finding a palette of colors that suit your natural coloring. Machine learning technology is everywhere and now it’s helping you looking your best!

The nice thing about a scientific program like this is that it allows you to analyze yourself multiple times by choosing different tones of your skin and colors from different areas, which is really entertaining and useful. You can explore the entire palette of colors that suit you best and see how it changes when you choose the darkest or the lightest shades of your hair or eyes.

If your natural coloring is in “between” seasons, getting your colors right​ ​can be challenging, even for experienced color analysts. doesn’t play “poker face”, it tells you if it’s not confident enough in choosing one​ particular palette by displaying a little warning sign.

If you’re concerned about your photos flying around, don’t worry. Your photo stays in your browser. Nothing is uploaded or stored on servers. No one will see your photo or palette unless you choose to share it. If you are still skeptic, give it a try by clicking on one of the celebrity photos on It feels almost like a casual game. Color analysis has never been so entertaining before.

There are a wide variety of theories for analyzing personal coloring that have emerged from the  Four Seasons System, but the basic techniques for identifying individual color type remains quite the same. Advanced technologies disrupt many facets of our life. Now it takes on a Personal Color Analysis by making it approachable  for everyone.